Visit the wild area of Au Lek and discover the Bor Thor Caves by Kayaking. 

                KRABI KAYAK BOR THOR
The Bor Thor is about 40-50 minutes by minibus from Krabi and Ao Nang. The area is a National Park constituted by a complex system of rivers, creeks and limestone caves. This area was one of the earliest sites of human occupation in Thailand and is rich in archaeological treasures, artifacts and drawings in the caves. Many of these caves are accessible only by Kayak and a Tour for everyone.
The Tour Kayak Bor Thor starts with the Organization and allocation of participants with Kayaks in 3 places, so that will be fun and not too strenuous for paddling. The guide will give you a brief lesson in handling a kayak and safety. Krabi Kayak Tour will show you the wonderful areas in contact with nature, with the local fauna and archaeological attractions, the area is really characteristic and is a suitable place for a nice family day. During the trip you will get to see much of the wildlife that inhabits the waters and sandbanks in the area, colourful birds, otters and many other species. Local operators of Bor Thor tour is a very eco-friendly and they work hard to protect the area, example they don't bring food on boats to avoid encouraging wildlife to become addicted to them, therefore, in a few days you will see a lot of monkeys and other wildlife and on other days you won't see much. This approach is the only way to protect the ecosystem for the future. The cave of Tham Lod is a tunnel beneath the cliffs where you can kayak to paddle through it. The cave is decorated richly by stalagmites and stalactites, and is one of the features of Bor Thor and the other two caves that go deep into the mountain. One of the peculiarities of these caves is isolation from noise, You will hear the sound of dripping water, occasional away from the noise and bustle of the modern days you will experience how our ancestors lived many thousands of years ago.
The caves are really fantastic, Tham Lod Nua is where the kayaking trip stops and you off the story, take a few minutes walk through the cave but after you see the paintings on the ceiling of the cave, a rare opportunity to see the paintings for thousands of years. The guides are very knowledgeable about the area, nature and history overlap in the stories, so if you're interested, you can learn a lot. We recently made an inspection Tour and our guide was undoubtedly one of the best guides we have in Krabi.
Remember, for these types of tours to check the tides in order to enjoy the day and the Tour itself.




08.00 transfer from Krabi Town and Klong Muang
08.30 transfer from Ao Nang


Tai Tham Lod-visit to the cave Tham Lod Tai where a tunnel leads under the mountain of limestone. There are many beautiful stalactites and stalagmites concentrated at the entrance


Borthor Village-visit to the mangrove forest
ThamPee Hua Tho-paddle to visit Tham Pee Hua Tho a cave airy and spacious.


The paintings on the wall of this prehistoric cave and you'll find layers of shells which form fossils.
Lunch-lunch will be served at the Riverside restaurant.


Transfer back to your Hotel 1:30




transfer from/to your Hotel
kayak equipment (life jacket and Dry Bag)


Not forget:

Swimsuit sunscreen Sun Cap Beach mosquito repellent mat camera
Accident insurance (1,000,000 Bath)
English speaking guide
Coffee and tea
Fruit and drinking water



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