Krabi Cookery School will teach you how to cook amazing traditional thai food, enjoy different time session and Menu Options.

                KRABI COOKERY SCHOOL


Thailand is famous and known for many things, undoubtedly islands, sea and culture are the attractions most sought after by tourists visiting this wonderful country, yet among the many activities to be done during your vacation we recommend the Thai School of Cooking where you will learn First to get to know the ingredients and to cook genuine Thai traditional dishes. Courses take place during the day but with different schedules to facilitate course progression, morning, afternoon and even mini-evening lessons. You will have the opportunity to choose from different Thai menus, consisting of different ingredients and dishes, choose the menu that is for you, learn and when you return to Italy you can cook these fantastic traditional dishes, so amazing your guests..


9.00 am - 13.00 pm

1) Curry Pastes

2) Massaman Curry

3) Red curry chicken with vegetable

4) Yellow curry

5) Lab kai

6) Pad Thai

7) Stir fried chicken with cashew nut

8) Stir fried sweet and sour chicken

9) Fried rice with chicken and vegetable

10) Spicy prawn soup


13.00 pm - 18.00 pm

1) Sprin Roll

2) Sweet sticky rice with mango

3) Curry pastes

4) Green curry

5) Penang curry

6) Pad Thai

7) Tom Kha kai

8) Stir fried chicken with holy basil

9) Papaya salad

10) Stir fried morning glory


14.30 pm - 18.00 pm

1) Curry pastes

2) Green curry

3) Penang curry

4) Pad Thai

5)  Papaya salad

6) Tom kha kai

7) Stir fried chicken with holy basil

8) Stir fried morning glory


18.00 pm - 21.00 pm

1) Spring roll

2) Pad Thai

3)Tom kha kai


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